We are proud to be the Apple Regional Training Centre for Dorset

The Regional Training Centre programme was born in the UK in 2005 to provide teachers with training, expertise and access to best practice to support their use of Apple technology in the classroom. The programme brings together a wide community of experienced educators and experts who provide free and easy access to Apple’s creative learning technologies through local learning-hubs.

Every RTC has unique skills, a different curriculum or subject focus but all share the same objectives:

  • To provide a focus on pedagogy, for sharing best practice and gaining skills
  • To introduce planned, effective, digital solutions to schools using Mac and iPad
  • To train teachers to use Apple’s tools and help enable active and transformative teaching within the classroom
  • To support, enhance and transform teaching and learning outcomes

The RTC Programme is a community programme and as such, the ethos is about sharing each others’ learning experiences and knowledge between peers. The RTCs in the UK are learning-hubs within local regions, promoting collaboration and the sharing of resources and practices.

Dorset RTC is hosted in partnership with Powerstock Primary School, Bridport. The school values creative computing in the curriculum and provides an outstanding setting for our free training sessions. Dorset RTC has worked with a large number of schools across the South West for over six years, encouraging great use of Apple technologies across the curriculum.