Dorset-based technology experts.

Iain has been providing professional services to schools for over seventeen years. Having worked with music studios in the recording industry, he went in search of a more rewarding career and in 1999 joined the Dorset Centre for Educational Technology (DCET). As an early advocate of digital video in the classroom, he became part of Dorset County Council's Children's Services directorate. From there, Iain found his calling in an educational environment, and subsequently worked closely with schools across the county and beyond. Iain's natural skill for enabling digital learning and furthering technological investments by working with teachers and students continues through his work as IC Computing.

Formerly part of the now disbanded Dorset County Councils Schools ICT Partnership team and the Dorset Centre for Educational Technology (DCET), the IC Computing team of professionals have been providing expert computing support to schools for almost two decades. With a comprehensive range of talented professionals including Apple and Microsoft experts, School Improvement Advisors, musicians, teachers, media creatives and installation technicians, we can deliver solutions for your school's computing and AV needs.

Iain with class